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filling the void

voiding the fulfilling

5 March
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born-again athiest, practicing troublemaker
1984, albert camus, alberto giacometti, alcohol, alex maleev, art, astroboy, audrey hepburn, bass, bauhaus, bill murray, books, brian eno, brian michael bendis, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, candy, catch 22, cats, clinic, coffee, comics, consumerism, curve, dave mckean, david carson, david lynch, design, digital photography, douglas rushkoff, ebay, electronic detective games, erol otis, existentialism, faking your own death, fight club, filling the void, film, firefly, floria sigismondi, fotografiks, fritz leiber, futurama, futurism, giant robots, gir, girls with british accents, goggles, grant morrison, graphic design, guitar pop, instant gratification, interpol, invader zim, joy division, killing time, large impersonal corporations, literature, london, love and rockets, maakies, mark rothko, marketing, masamune shirow, media theory, mike mignola, milla jovovich, monkey island, monkeys, morrissey, mortigi tempo, muppets, musee mechanique, mythology, neil gaiman, nerds candy, netflix, noise, npr, oblivion, orson welles, photography, photoshop, pirates, polaroid, pop culture, pulp fiction, radiohead, rain, reservoir dogs, robert rauschenberg, robots, rocketships, sam and max, sifl and olly, sigil magic, sigur ros, sleep, something happened, soulseek, spaceman spiff, squee, stanley donwood, strawberries, suede, sushi, teddy kristiansen, terry gilliam, the coen brothers, the decemberists, the simpsons, the smiths, the tick, thom yorke, tom wham, tony millionaire, traveling, twin peaks, videogames, wes anderson, white noise, william gibson, wine, winter